School Solar project lights up community of Nabugabo

An inspiring community project from 3 students at Sotogrande International School

This initiative is a brilliant example of how students at Sotogrande International School (SIS) are using their education as a force for good. Three students from SIS teamed up with sustainable lamp company 'Little Sun' and, through crowd funding, they were able to provide 102 Little Suns to families without electricity in the Nabugabo community.

Alongside the HUGE partnership, SIS supports the Nabugabo Community and the Nabugabo Community Learning Centre through fundraising initiatives and have also visited several times. As well as handing out the Little Suns, on their last visit they also finished building the final classroom, delivered over 400kgs of clothes and resources, children's health checks, library indexing... the list goes on!

Watch the fantastic video to hear more about the Little Sun's Project.