June 2020 - NCLC and Nabugabo Update

Uganda has been in lockdown since the 18th March and, as a consequence, all schools including NCLC have been shut and the borders are closed. Whilst these decisive measures from the President have undoubtedly led to relatively few Covid cases compared to other countries and has protected its under funded, fragile health care system, the lockdown has brought other major challenges including food shortages, economic instability, increased pressure on the family unit and greater stress on physical and mental wellbeing. In addition, Western Uganda was hit by heavy rains in May which caused significant damage to Nabugabo's houses, crops and alarmingly, increased the threat of disease with so much standing water.

Needless to say, faced with all these issues, the local community has been amazing. Rallying together and showing huge resilience. Our teachers, especially Headmaster Vincent, and Community Officer Irene have been unstinting in the help and support they have given throughout.

Filling bags with flour

Thanks to your continued and very valuable support, and together with the community, we have been able to help with food distribution to those most in need, and have also funded each child at NCLC to have a home school pack. It is certainly not online learning but it is a start. All NCLC staff are being paid in full. In addition, at the time of the floods, we were able to fund the digging of trenches to release the water to the lake and we are also assisting on a number of house rebuilding projects for the very vulnerable in the community.

Digging trenchesFloods

Over this period we have also been able to complete the construction of the new Community/Exam Hall. This has been fitted out with desks suitably distanced ready for the P7 class who are anticipated to be the first year group allowed back, hopefully in early July.

Community and Exam Hall

This is all thanks to your support and on behalf of HUGE and NCLC, we want to say a heartfelt thank you. The President has recently announced that the lockdown will continue for a further 4 weeks and we will continue to work hard to support the community in a positive and constructive manner during this very difficult time.