The Ark

The Nabugabo Community Learning Centre (NCLC) serves rural village communities in Masaka District and many of the children live with extended family members and all would be classified as orphans and vulnerable children as defined by the United Nations.

Transportation to and from school presents a problem for some younger children. Many live up to 10km away from school and for some of the youngest children, the only means of travel is on foot. During the rainy season this becomes especially difficult. Most children arrive at school unfed, exhausted and consequently struggle to learn, and then they are faced with the return journey late in the day.

Safety of NCLC students

The staff at NCLC had growing concerns for the welfare and safety of some of NCLC's youngest students, who are exhibiting increasing signs of neglect and abuse. Their overall health has, on many occasions, been life-threatening. As a solution it was proposed that the NCLC should offer short or long term care at the school in a dedicated boarding facility - The Ark!

We're delighted to report that thanks to the overwhelming generosity of Iain Roache, the Swindley family, James Wilson and friends at Sotogrande international school it has been possibly to turn this dream into a reality. Building has started and Joan, Jane and Brenda hope to be able to move into their new lodgings with Teacher Irene in the next few weeks.

From left to right, Matron Irene, Joan, Jane and Brenda. The first 3 students who will live at The A
Building works begin on The Ark