First Term Newsletter - April 2024

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End of third term Newsletter - December 2023

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End of second Term Newsletter - August 2023

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MAY 2023

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Great to be back with our Friends - Nabugabo March 2022

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MAY 2021

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Well done all at Nabugabo for getting through a challenging year. Roll on 2021!Read the full newsletter HUGE-Newsletter-...

News from the Lakeshore - September 2020

Since our last Newsletter in April, schools across Uganda have remained closed as the country implements one of the stri...

News from the Lakeshore - August 2019

Jebbale ko, Jambo, Sawubona, Greetings, Sincere apologies for this tardy newsletter, this has been a busy year with much...

News from the Lakeshore - May 2018

The first term of the year has been as busy as ever; with visits from HUGE partnership trustees and the Sotogrande Inter...

News From the Lakeshore - December 2017

We have reached the end of the 5th school year at Nabugabo Community Leaning Centre, and what a busy and exciting year i...

News from the Lakeshore - Sept 2017

After another action packed term in Nabugabo the school are enjoying short break before returning for the final term of ...

News from the Lakeshore - March 2017

So much has happened since we last posted a newsletter;The new school year start and NCLC now runs from Primary 1 (P1) t...

News from the Lakeshore - Feb 2016

One hundred children returned for the beginning of term following their 2 month break and the first task everyone agreed...

Happy New Year from Nabugabo

2015 has been an exciting year with so much development and many improvements happening in Nabugabo. The latest newslett...

Tales from the Lakeshore - August 2015

As ever, there has been so much going on at Nabugabo. The latest newsletter provides a great insight and update on the ...

News from the Lakeshore 2015

So much is happening at NCLC! This latest newsletter provides a fantastic insight into the many developments that are ha...

Start of a New Year

We were delighted to return from the long break over Christmas to start the new school year. The addition of the P3 clas...

Latest news from the lakeshore March 2014

Meetings with remarkable peopleUganda has had much harsh press worldwide, often deservedly.But there are many remarkable...