Supporting NCLC and the Nabugabo community, March 2020, Amy Batten

I am currently on my gap year and was due to fly to Uganda from Kenya tomorrow. I was thoroughly looking forward to working with the staff and children at NCLC, Nabugabo for a month. Unfortunately, as a result of both Kenya and Uganda closing their borders and putting themselves in lockdown, I have returned to the UK.

Whilst I cannot physically be there, I want everyone to know how much we are still thinking and supporting all those in Nabugabo at this difficult time. One of the big problems with subsistence farming communities, is the need for everyone to be out working in the fields to get money for food, water and important essentials such as soap. It's not just a matter of relying on an online food shop! Furthermore, now the school is closed as a result of the government's directive, the NCLC children will not be receiving the two meals a day which they previously had access to at school.

Importantly, we are looking at ways to help NCLC and the wider community during this difficult period. In case you were worried, staff salaries are still being paid in full so your support is appreciated now more than ever. As soon as this is over you can be sure to see me out there.

Children on swing