News From the Lakeshore - December 2017

We have reached the end of the 5th school year at Nabugabo Community Leaning Centre, and what a busy and exciting year it has been!

A few highlights below plus read the full newsletter December-2017-NCLC-Newsletter.pdf

Pangbourne College

Following a fantastic trip from Pangbourne College in 2016, they continued to provide outstanding support to the Nabugabo Community. In October, Deputy Headmistress Caroline Bond and Governor Andrew Bond arrived with clothes and resources for NCLC, including very popular 'Team Pangbourne' staff T-Shirts.

The children's latrine at Ssunga Clinic, financed and built by Pangbourne College staff and students, is now totally completed and operational. This is an invaluable asset to the Clinic and the whole community.

Staff wearing Pangbourne shirts

Staff at NCLC sporting their new Pangbourne shirts

Sister Magdalena Outside the new lattrines

Sister Magdalena outside the new latrine built by Pangbourne College at the Ssunga Clinic

International Maths Teacher Experience

Margy Cockburn, an experienced Maths Teacher Trainer visited Nabugabo for 6 weeks in October/November. Alongside delivering enjoyable, insightful and productive development sessions for the staff and hands on lessons for the students, Margy also generated a vast array of maths resources creatively made from readily available local materials.

Look out for a guest blog from Margy in the New Year where you can hear more about her trip and exciting opportunities she made possible with the gift of a pedal-driven sewing machine (and lessons in tailoring).

Margy Coburn - sharing teaching skills

Margy Coburn - Sharing teaching skills

Connecting Students Across the World

A wonderful video from The Kindred Project, connecting students from Sotogrande International School to the students at NCLC. So powerful seeing these children connect and the impact it has on all of them. As wifi and technology improves at Nabugabo, we will continue to look at ways to increase these sorts of opportunities for the students and staff at the school.

You can view the video here.

Photos from school